Albina Ruiz

Vice Minister, Ministry of Environment, Peru

Albina Ruiz graduated as an industrial engineer from the National Engineering University of Peru and holds a PhD from the Ramon Llull University in Spain. She has worked as consultant and researcher and has published several articles and books. 

In 2002 she founded Ciudad Saludablepioneering NGO concerned with the integral management of solid waste with a focus on sustainability and inclusion, which has contributed to improving the working conditions of waste pickers and recyclers and has influenced public policies aimed at generating social change. Albina and Ciudad Saludable have received a number of honours, including a 1995 fellowship from the Ashoka Foundation, a 2006 fellowship from the Skoll Foundation, the 2007 Energy Globe Award and the 2006 Dubai International Award for Best Practices to Improve the Living Environment, among others. 

 In 2019 she returned to the public sector as Vice Minister of environmental management at the Ministry of Environment in Peru and is fully committed to the national strategy for a Clean Peru (Peru Limpio) and to working with 1,875 municipalities to improve integral solid waste management at national level and empower the role of waste pickers and recyclers as guardians of our planet.  

Speaking at the following WCEF2019 sessions:

Monday 3 June at 16.30-18.00: Building an enabling environment for circular businesses

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