Alex Gustavsson

Specialist, IT and digital services


Alex Gustavsson is a specialist working with Sitra’s IT and document management. He ensures that people at Sitra have well-functioning and up-to-date tools at work and resolves different IT problems. His duties also include streaming online and the maintenance of cloud services.


Alex has six years’ experience in the field of IT systems. His career at Sitra began with a temporary post in autumn 2013. Before Sitra, he worked at Finnvera and the Finnish Literature Society.

Alex has a Bachelor of Engineering degree in information technology and he specialises in information networks. He graduated from Metropolia University of Applied Sciences in spring 2015.

What else?

Alex spends his free time with books, music, films and American TV series. He also follows economic affairs and politics, and enjoys outdoor activities on the frozen sea in Helsinki and among nature around Inkoo.

Alex predicts that cloud services will become increasingly common and that virtual and augmented reality and the Internet of Things will revolutionise work and society.