Alex Kotsev

Team Leader, Joint Research Centre of the European Commission

Passionate about data-driven innovation, Alex is an experienced researcher with a long track record of projects and research interests spanning across multiple domains, such as IoT, citizen science, data interoperability, spatiotemporal data and GIScience. Alex joined the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre in 2012. He leads a multidisciplinary team, which investigates the organisational and technological enablers for data sharing across multiple domains and levels of governance. His practical knowledge encompasses the use of open-source and proprietary data processing and analysis tools, including digital mapping, spatial databases, and Python. He has a firm understanding and contributes to the development and uptake of data-sharing standards. Holding a PhD in GISCience and having completed a post-doctoral fellowship as a Fulbright senior scholar, Alex continues to apply his expertise to advance the field.

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