Alexander Kohl

Specialist, Nature and daily life & PSLifestyle


Alexander Kohl works as a project co-ordinator in the Climate solutions focus area. In his work, Alexander focuses, together with his team, on investigating the most efficient means, in terms of environmental, economic and social fairness, of keeping Finland’s climate emissions within the 1.5-degree goal. Among other things, this involves analysing and sharing the lessons learned from long-term emission reduction strategies, investigating the emission-reduction potential of different industries and studying the consumer interface, particularly people’s climate attitudes.


In addition to his master’s thesis, Alexander has completed the master’s degree programme in Corporate Environmental Management at the University of Jyväskylä. This has developed his ability to identify and seize the opportunities offered by sustainability solutions in business. He has also gained further international experience through a student exchange in Croatia. Before this, Alexander mainly worked in the fields of sales and customer relationship management.

What else?

In his leisure time, Alexander enjoys cooking, live music, films and spending time with friends. In addition to jogging and swimming, his extra energy reserves are expended outdoors among nature.
Alexander believes that by the year 2030 sustainable mobility solutions will already be mainstream and that many Finns will use self-driving electric vehicles.