Andreas Ekström

Keynote Speaker, Journalist, author and futurist

Andreas Ekström is an award-winning Swedish journalist, author and digital futurist who wrote a bestselling book about Google – and has since been a keynote speaker, consultant and commentator on all things digital. In 2019 Andreas was named “Speaker of the Year” in Sweden. He has done multiple Ted-talks and he is often hired as a “digital thought partner”.

Andreas has, during the past few years, been the keynote speaker at conferences all over the world. His lectures reach from issues of digitalization, media, politics and culture. His take on tech is not really on the tech itself, but rather the sociology of tech, the digital revolution, and how it affects us.

His passion is to educate for digital equality and a re-democratization of the internet. Andreas Ekström wants to see a world in which we share the wealth – not only financially, but also in terms of knowledge and influence. As he puts it; “If you look for a motivation, a mission statement of mine, that’s it, right there”.