Andrés Pesce

VP of Sustainability & Business, Fundación Chile

Andrés Pesce is an experienced consultant, asset management, business development and innovation driver.

Having previously worked at Mckinsey, Moneda, Compass and Finmeccanica (Quadrics), he is now the VP of Sustainability and Business at Fundación Chile (FCh), a technology developer, incubator and venture fund. Under Andrés’ leadership, FCh enabled the jumpstart of Chile’s solar energy industry, resulting in unleashing the creation of the largest FV solar plant without subsidies in Latin America. He also managed FCh’s Investment Fund and founded EmprendeFCh, an entrepreneurship platform. Currently he leads the Open Innovation Platform in Mining, Solar Energy, Clean tech fund, and was recently appointed FCh’s VP of Sustainability.

Andrés Pesce is speaking at the following WCEF2017 sessions:

Tue 6 June at 15.30 : Grand Finale – Moving beyond WCEF2017

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