Anna Välimaa

Specialist, Reforming the decision-making process


Anna works as a specialist in the Reforming the decision-making process project, whose aim is to develop public decision-making into a silo-free collaborative process. The goal is to strengthen the capacity for reform of representative democracy, improve the transparency of decision-making processes and increase opportunities for people to exercise influence. In her work, Anna focuses particularly on promoting the project’s stakeholder engagement and working with partners to produce factual information that supports process reform. Contact Anna if you want more information on the content of the Reforming the decision-making process project.


Between 2018 and 2021, Anna worked in Sitra’s project Competitiveness and well-being from lifelong learning, which aimed to support various parties in Finnish society to develop lifelong learning. Anna has international work experience in various fields, including politics, Nordic co-operation, culture and communication. She has a Master of Arts degree.

What else?

Anna plays the guitar and sings in a punk band. A humanist who enjoys the good things in life, she loves the outdoors, where she skis, skates, hikes and swims in open water. Apart from Helsinki, where she currently lives, Anna’s favourite places in Finland are the Torne Valley and the southern archipelago.