Anniina Rönkä

Trainee, Societal Training and Development, Sitra


Anniina Rönkä works in Sitra’s Societal Training and Development function as a designer trainee, focusing on processes related to learning design. 


Contact Anniina if you need to promote creativity, learning, interaction, comprehensive well-being or sense of community.

Over the years, Anniina has accumulated creative and pedagogical skills in the field of dance. Earlier in her career, she was a trained dance teacher. During the past few years, she has entered the world of work community education and development, which is also the field in which she recently completed her master’s degree.

She wrote her thesis on learning design and the dimensions of its effectiveness from a comprehensive perspective. Approaching issues from the perspectives of design and impact feels natural to Anniina, and she is eager to learn more about it.

What else?

In her free time, Anniina enjoys creative hobbies such as painting, sewing, interior design, floral design and making jewellery. As the mother of a young child, Anniina does activities with her family, studies the various phenomena of life, spends time outdoors, meets with friends and enjoys cultural pursuits.

Anniina believes that a better tomorrow is possible, and she wants to be part of building it for future generations.