Antti Poikola

Senior Lead, Gaia-X Finland


Antti “Jogi” Poikola is an active and networked expert and promoter of the people-oriented data economy in Finland and internationally. As Senior Lead and Data Architecture Specialist in Sitra’s Gaia-X Finland project, Jogi’s work focuses on bringing Finnish expertise into the development of the European data space. He also works to ensure that Finnish data sharing networks have an up-to-date view of the kinds of technological solutions that are viable and interoperable now and in the future.  


Jogi knows the acronyms, people and underlying factors related to data sharing and data spaces. Jogi is the person to contact if you want to connect with data economy experts in Europe or if you need help understanding this rapidly developing field of technology.   

Jogi’s path to the fair data economy has taken him through non-governmental organisations, research, public policy and advocacy organisations. He has been involved in founding Open Knowledge Finland, the international MyData Global organisation and the parliamentary collaboration group on information policy ( 

Jogi is also the main author of the publications “MyData – an introduction to human-centric use of personal data” (2018) and “Understanding MyData Operators” (2022).  

What else?  

You may spot Jogi in his trademark dreadlocks riding a folding bike or cargo bike on the streets of Helsinki.  

Jogi believes that by the 2030s data policy and technology policy will be mainstream policy issues.