Bat-Erdene Gomboragchaa

Director, ECO WOOL LLC

Bat-Erdene Gomboragchaa has a long experience in the construction, agriculture and wool manufacturing sectors.

He researched the consumption of wool products in Mongolia when he was working in Ministry of Food Agriculture and Light Industry. While there, he completed “Seminar on management of eco-agriculture”. He has also completed a country-focused training course on reinforcement of agricultural extension systems. After this, he was promoted as head of innovation department of Ministry of Food Agriculture and Light Industry. Now, he has become director of the wool manufacturing factory of ECO WOOL LLC. His main responsibilities have included leading strategic intelligence function, circular economy business model, management of foreign trade of ECO WOOL LLC. He is also involved in business and financial management of the organisation.

Bat-Erdene Gomboragchaa is speaking at the following WCEF2017 sessions:

Mon 5 June at 14.15 : 17 Circular SMEs Meet the 17 SDGs

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