Bruce Jones

Vice President and Director, Foreign Policy programme, Brookings

Bruce Jones is Vice President and Director of the Foreign Policy programme at Brookings and a senior fellow in the institution’s Project on International Order and Strategy. He is also a consulting professor at the Freeman Spogli Institute at Stanford University and chair of the advisory council of the Center on International Cooperation at New York University.

Jones’s research expertise and policy experience is in international security. His current research focus is on US strategy, international order and the emerging powers. His most recent book on the topic is Still Ours to Lead: America, Rising Powers, and the Tension between Rivalry and Restraint (Brookings Institution Press, 2014). He is also co-author with Carlos Pascual and Stephen Stedman of Power and Responsibility: Building International Order in an Era of Transnational Threats (Brookings Institution Press, 2009) and co-editor with Waheguru Pal Singh Sidhu and Pratap Bhanu Mehta of Shaping the Emerging World: India and the Multilateral Order (Brookings Institution Press, 2013).

Jones is currently also conducting research on the intersection between geopolitics and the energy revolution, on which he co-authored the recently released book entitled Risk Pivot: Great Powers, International Security and the Energy Revolution (Brookings Institution Press, 2014). Other publications include the reports “Fueling a New Order?” (Brookings, April 2014, with David Steven and Emily O’Brien) and “Chill Out: Why Cooperation is Balancing Conflict Among Major Powers in the New Arctic” (Brookings, 2012, with David Steven and Andrew Hart).

Jones has extensive experience and expertise on intervention and crisis management. He holds a doctorate from the London School of Economics, and he was the Hamburg fellow in conflict prevention at Stanford University.

Bruce Jones was an acting member of Sitra’s international advisory panel in 2017-2019.

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