Bryan Buggey

Director, Strategic Initiatives & Sector Development, Vancouver Economic Commission

Bryan Buggey believes in a low-carbon future through innovative technologies, clean energy and sustainable urban design.

He is responsible for economic and business development at the City of Vancouver’s Economic Commission. In his role as Director, he is leading a team in charge of several initiatives with respect to the low-carbon, knowledge based economy that is an integral part of Vancouver’s future growth. Bryan also heads up the team that is responsible for business development, investment capital and talent attraction in those key sectors representing the green economy and technology. He also sits on Vancouver’s Zero-Waste Advisory panel, the Greenest City Action Plan Steering Committee and has recently completed a technology talent strategy designed to attract and retain more knowledge-based workers for the regional economy.

Bryan Buggey is speaking at the following WCEF2017 sessions:

Mon 5 June at 16.30 : Circular Cities

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