Camilla Aspivaara

Specialist, Communications and Public Affairs


Camilla Aspivaara works as a Communications Specialist at Sitra, in particular with the Democracy and Participation theme. 


Camilla has built up her social science skills in environmental and sustainable development topics. She is currently completing her Master’s degree in environmental policy at the University of Eastern Finland, after which she aims to promote future-oriented work through communications. 

In recent years, Camilla has planned a city’s communications on topical issues, organised events and produced content for social media. In addition to communications, environmental issues are also close to Camilla’s heart. In the future, she wants to continue producing effective communications to ensure a fair future for all.  

Camilla steps boldly and open-mindedly outside her comfort zone to learn new things about the world around her.  

What else?

In her spare time, you can find Camilla on jogging trails with her dog, at gigs enjoying live music or in her kitchen trying out new recipes. 

Camilla believes that communications will play and increasingly important role in building a better tomorrow and that in the society of the future everyone will be involved in communications.