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Daniel Kaufmann


+358 (294) 618 472


Daniel Kaufman is a circular economy and sharing economy specialist. Daniel works with the revenue models of different-sized companies and challenges society to make systemic change – how can we decouple well-being and economic growth from natural resource use and increased emissions?


Daniel has several years of experience in management consulting. He has also been involved in founding start-up companies in Finland and Colombia and he has studied in Argentina and Costa Rica.

In his projects Daniel has studied circular economy business models, defined corporate strategies and new operating models, used service design to create new ways of operating in the public sector, sparred start-ups and lectured on competitive advantage or carbon handprints.

Daniel has a master’s degree in creative sustainability from Aalto University.

What else?

Daniel is a linguist, visionary traveller and sportsman who enjoys everything from ball games to waves and disc golf.

Could his next initiative be a documentary project on the circular economy of cars in Africa?

Daniel believes that in 2030, it will already be a bit embarrassing to own things.

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