Eero Jalava

Senior Lead, Global collaboration, Sustainability solutions


Eero Jalava is a leading specialist in Sitra’s Global collaboration team for Sustainability solutions. He follows the development of climate, biodiversity and the circular economy within the EU and leads the team’s stakeholder engagement. Previously, Eero worked for the circular economy team, especially on issues related to a fair transition to a circular economy and on EU affairs.

Eero believes that sustainability solutions should be promoted not only in Finland but also at EU level, and he ensures that the European Green Deal is taken into account in Sitra’s work.


Eero has a background in central government and NGO work. In his previous roles, he has focused especially on the circular economy and international policy processes. His work experience includes a stint at the Ministry of the Environment during the Finnish EU Presidency and promoting the recycling of nutrients and scaling up of solutions at EU level with the Baltic Sea Action Group.

Eero became familiar with the circular economy through the EU Circular Economy Package, published in late 2015, and became convinced of the potential of the circular economy as part of the solution to the sustainability crisis. He holds a master’s in social sciences from the University of Turku.

What else?

Eero is curious by nature. He spends his free time reading, jogging and casually following football. Having spent his youth in the Turku archipelago, he dreams of having his own sailing boat.

Eero believes that the circular economy will provide many new solutions for tackling the sustainability crisis. Signs of this are already visible.