Eeva Hellström

Senior Lead, Tomorrow’s economy


Eeva Hellström works as a Specialist in Sitra’s societal foresight and training activities. Eeva is both a strategic thinker and a doer, who is able to creatively fuse even complex content and individual ideas and shape them into effective concepts.

At Sitra, Eeva is in charge of a project entity focused on forecasting the future of economy. Eeva believes that there are more alternatives for the future of economy than we can imagine, as long as we have the courage to keep discussion about the future sufficiently pluralistic and challenge the prevailing ways of thinking. She is especially interested in regenerative economics.


Eeva has a Master’s degree in forestry and a doctorate in environmental economics, but she has learned her most valuable lessons from thinking and working together with others. She has over two decades of experience from multidisciplinary vision, strategy and interaction processes as well as societal training.

You should get in touch with Eeva if you want to exchange ideas on the future of economics, responsibility, sustainable development and the use of knowledge in decision-making.

What else?

In her spare time, you might find Eeva with a hammer, a rake or a ladle in her hand. When she is not getting her hands dirty, she may let her thoughts drift towards the waters where ringed seals swim. Having grown up close to forests, Eeva is active in a number of positions of trust in the forest industry in addition to her full-time job.