Elina Eerola

Specialist, New forms of participation


Elina Eerola is involved in strengthening Finland’s position as a model democratic country with a capacity for reform. Elina believes that by experimenting together, we will find the best and most innovative solutions to the challenges of democracy.


At Sitra, Elina has developed networks, promoted ecosystems thinking and created new kinds of partnerships with the Soteuttamo concept. Elina has worked to achieve more human-driven and competitive social welfare and healthcare together with start-ups, SMEs, municipalities and NGOs. 

She will continue to seek and implement bold new ideas with municipalities in the Democracy Experiments 2020 project. The aim of the project is to promote democratic engagement, participation and dialogue. Contact Elina for further information about experiments, engagement or local democracy.

As a result of the well-being services counties, a completely new level of democracy emerged in Finland, providing an opportunity for thinking in a new way. It is not necessary to copy strong operating methods; instead, it is now possible to start from a clean slate and develop the models considered to be the best. The Democracy theme group steered by Elina and her colleagues focuses on democracy in the well-being services counties and strengthening people’s opportunities for engagement

Elina has a Master of Arts degree and is excited by social affairs, innovation and customer orientation, all of which she has promoted during her professional career with a range of stakeholders in cultural and educational institutions.

What else? 

Elina believes in digitisation, lifelong learning and well-being. In her free time, Elina can be found jogging along Helsinki’s shores, downhill skiing in Finland or the Alps, attending various urban culture events or relaxing with good wine and food.