Elina Ravantti

Director, Communications and Public Affairs


Elina Ravantti is Director of Communications and Public Affairs at Sitra. She is in charge of Sitra’s internal and external communications, Sitra’s brand and its relationships with key stakeholders in Finland and abroad. The aim of communications is to increase the impact of Sitra’s work and engage a growing number of people in future-oriented work.


Elina has three decades of experience in communications, media and stakeholder relations. She has spent much of her career at the Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle, where her positions included member of the Board of Directors of Yle News and Current Affairs, Head of World News, Bureau Chief in Berlin and Brussels, and Head of Public Affairs. Prior to joining Sitra, she worked at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs as Director General of Communications and was responsible for the strategic development of communications.

Elina is a developer and leader with a wealth of experience in change management in challenging conditions. She has also held international positions, as a member of the EBU News Committee, for example. Elina believes in using a coaching leadership style and she has completed a Certified Business Coach qualification to support that approach.

What else?

Elina is a lifelong learner whose career decisions have usually attracted her to challenges that require her to learn new things. A believer in the power of collaboration, she recognises that no one can do their job without the help of others. In her free time, she enjoys aquajogging, listens to all kinds of music, follows German politics and likes to try new cake recipes.