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Ernesto Hartikainen

Project Director, Sitra

+358 (294) 618 212


Ernesto Hartikainen is a leading expert in the Carbon-neutral circular economy theme area. A “circular economy diplomat” who speaks several languages and always has a smile on his face, Ernesto’s fields of expertise include the strategic issues of the focus area, organising co-operation between different focus areas and international co-operation, including as an advisor on content for WCEF’s (World Circular Economy Forum) programme forums. Ernesto also provides support to the director of the theme area.


Ernesto is the person to contact if you need to speak with an expert on circular economy and climate issues or want to discuss the strategy and new initiatives of Sitra’s Carbon-neutral circular economy theme.

At Sitra, Ernesto has previously worked in specialist areas including the global circular economy, the EU, the bioeconomy and strategic foresight. In his earlier career he worked in the forest and energy industries and as a business management consultant.

Ernesto has master’s degrees in chemical forest products technology and in economics in the field of management and international business.

What else?

In his free time Ernesto likes to dance. His signature move used to be shifting from scorpion to hollow-back. Today, he settles with machete.

Ernesto believes that future generations will laugh when they remember how people today carry their personal computers in their pockets or purses, when it is so much more convenient to wear a streaming microchip projector on one’s forehead.

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