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Ernesto Hartikainen

Leading Specialist, Sitra

+358 (294) 618 212


Ernesto Hartikainen is a specialist in the Circular economy focus area. This multilingual and good-natured “circular economy diplomat” is responsible for the World Circular Economy Forum 2017 programme and bringing circular economy concepts to Finnish forests.


Get in touch with Ernesto if you want to know about WCEF2017 content or how Finland could make better use of forests from the circular economy perspective.

At Sitra, Ernesto has worked on EU circular economy matters, studied global megatrends and made presentations on the economy, the future and even libraries! He has also been an entrepreneur, acted as a consultant to global companies on new business opportunities in the forest and energy sectors, and organised Cuban and Latin dance festivals in Helsinki.

Ernesto has master’s degrees in technology and economics.

What else?

Although Ernesto would like to try out some new games from Steam or Humble Bundle, getting his two small children to bed on time rarely leaves him with enough time.

Ernesto believes that in 2030 personal virtual assistants will reward people with micropayments for acts that promote well-being and the environment.

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