Esmee Jiskoot

Co-Founder, Cafe de Ceuvel

Esmee Jiskoot is one of the co-founders of Cafe de Ceuvel in Amsterdam-Noord, one of world’s most sustainable and circular restaurant concepts. It’s her mission to rethink the current food system and find practical solutions for a more sustainable diet. She is also active on the board of the Ceuvel, the clean tech playground on which Cafe de Ceuvel is located. Both the Cafe and De Ceuvel as a whole have won several prices for the ambition, scope, impact and holistic approach of the project. Jiskoot has been named in the list of the 100 most sustainable young entrepreneurs of the Netherlands of 2017 and Cafe de Ceuvel was included in the Food 100 list of changemakers in the Dutch food industry as the only bar-restaurant in that list.

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