Eve Nieminen

Trainee, Communication and Public Affairs, Sitra


Eve Nieminen works as a future-oriented communications trainee in Sitra’s foresight and strategic team. She popularises Sitra’s future-oriented work and makes it more easily accessible – the starting point being that a different kind of future is possible if only we can imagine it.


Eve has built up her communications skills variously – including as a climate activist, in NGO work, behind the scenes of a feminist hackathon and as an organiser of a utopia-focused art festival. At work, Eve is an uncompromising builder of a better future who is ready to fight for her values.

Eve is studying for a Master’s degree in Aalto University’s Creative Sustainability programme and has also graduated from Lahti Institute of Design as a photographer.

What else?

In addition to a different kind of future, Eve dreams of film making and finding a perfectly fitting three-piece suit. In Eve’s everyday life, things stay in order with the aid of to-do lists and the best way to relax is by staying at home alone.