Gerard van der Hoeven

Executive Director, iSHARE Foundation

Gerard van der Hoeven, is the Executive Director of the iSHARE Foundation since 2019, tracing the path that’s transforming its Trust and Legal Framework into a European standard for Data Sovereignty. He holds two engineering degrees and a Masters in Strategic Management, building software and enterprises across the years.

Gerard founded his maiden company in 1996, marking its sale in 2003. His trajectory remarks roles such as Lead IoT strategist for a prominent Telecom player, followed by a successful period as a Belgian company’s CEO and as a Division Director at an Investment firm.

Fuelled by innovation, Gerard restarted his entrepreneurial journey in 2015, founding, a venture building company dedicated to breaking silos and crafting solutions. His influence extends to Europe’s investment sphere and innovation landscape as a jury member for the European Innovation Council.

An accomplished author, Gerard’s contributions include multiple published articles and authorship of the Cookbook for Data Spaces. A dynamic speaker with over 100 lectures on global stages, Gerard engages his presence in pivotal European initiatives, his story continues to inspire and shape the tech and innovation scenes.

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