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Hannu-Pekka Ikäheimo

Specialist, Foresight, Sitra


Hannu-Pekka works as a specialist in Sitra’s Foresight and insight team. As part of the work on Sitra’s “Next Era” vision, Hannu-Pekka has analysed  the societal effects of the transformation in communication technology (link in Finnish only).


The dialogue between science and research and the societal effects of technology are the themes with which Hannu-Pekka works at the moment.

His education includes a Master’s degree in social sciences and he is a postgraduate researcher in the doctoral programme in political studies at the University of Tampere. His insight into political studies is an important contribution to Sitra’s foresight and insight work. In his dissertation, Hannu-Pekka studies the relationship between public access to the EU’s documents and democracy. The first article of his dissertation, The EU as a threat to the Finnish way of life? A study of media frames (link in Finnish), was published in the Politiikka journal in April 2016.

What else?

Hannu-Pekka spends his free time skiing, running and reading books. He is a sports lover and a bibliophile who likes abstract concepts, thick books and writing.

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