Heikki Lauha

Specialist, Digital power and democracy


Heikki works as a specialist for the Digital Power and Democracy project. He aims to promote methods and approaches for harnessing digitalisation to strengthen democracy. Heikki particularly focuses on solutions that support literacy and inclusion in the digital age.


Heikki has a Master’s degree in social sciences and he has taught history and social studies. Previously, he worked for more than ten years as an expert in the field of digitalisation of the youth sector.

His long experience in education and the youth sector has strengthened his view that digitalisation offers many opportunities, but that the benefits and risks of this development are unequally distributed.

However, Heikki believes that a more fair and socially sustainable development of digitalisation is possible. This transformation requires a strong focus on inclusion, well-being and equality for children and young people. Please contact Heikki if you or your organisation have an idea for a project that contributes to these goals.

What else?  

In his free time, you’re likely to find Heikki at his summer cottage heating up the sauna, on a forest trail listening to a podcast or on the sofa watching football. Heikki believes that even these three things can be done ethically and ecologically in the future.