Helena Mustikainen

Senior Lead, Fair data economy


Helena Mustikainen is in charge of Sitra’s Lifelong learning project. The aim of this three-year project is to speed up the transition to a lifelong learning policy in which competence and work are seen as the building materials of well-being.


Hele has 20 years of experience as a supervisor and has managed various change projects in the public and private sectors. She has a master’s degree in economics and business administration. Her work has given her a broad knowledge of the entire public sector, including local authorities, the social welfare and healthcare system, banking and, most recently, the education sector.

Contact Hele if you want to know more about the Lifelong learning project, government funding for the arts and culture, setting goals for change or implementing and managing change. She is also interested in new organisational cultures and the added value that we all gain from co-operation.

What else?

Whenever she has some time off, Hele likes to travel, spend time outdoors and play golf. Culture is also very close to her heart, and has become even more important since work made it a part of her daily life.

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