Hubert Tardieu

Independent Board Member in charge of relationship with governments

After 27 years in Sema then SchlumbergerSema then Atos in various positions at Executive Committee including EVP for Global Telecom, Global Finance, Global Consulting& Systems Integration. Hubert Tardieu has been the advisor of Atos CEO helping him to form the vision of what will be our world in 5 years ahead. To help him in this task he has formed the Atos Scientific Community in June 2009. This global community comprises now 160 of the top scientists, engineers and forward thinkers from across the Group, with a rich mix of skills and backgrounds. Their latest main publication, a future vision report, is entitled “Journey 2024 – Redefining Enterprise Purpose”.

Hubert Tardieu is the author of several books on Information System Design Methodology Merise and in March 2020 of: “Deliberately Digital: Rewriting Enterprise DNA for enduring success” Tardieu and all. Springer ed.

Hubert Tardieu has been successively in 2020 the Interim CEO, then in 2021 the Chairman of the Board of the GAIA-X AISBL until June 7. He is currently Independent Board Member in charge of relationship with governments.