Iina Santamäki

Specialist, Fair data economy


Iina is a systems thinker and co-creator of a regenerative future. She wants to ensure that the Fair Data Economy theme looks at complex phenomenona such as Web 3.0 from a holistic perspective. Iina visualises complex phenomena into clear bigger pictures that help build common understanding of complex issues.


Iina wants to foster collaboration and dialogue between policy-makers and grassroots actors. She believes that a regenerative future is built together and with mutual respect.

Iina’s latest degree, an M.Sc. in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability, combines systems thinking and sustainability science and thus provided her the skills to facilitate and lead systems change. Iina is the person to contact when you need someone to see the bigger picture or build bridges between different viewpoints.

She believes that the success of desired changes depends on the level of awareness among changemakers.

What else?

Holistic well-being is important to Iina. In her free time, she can be found jogging and cross-country skiing in winter. She also likes yoga, good breakfasts, singing, writing and spending quality time with people close to her.

And Iina believes that holistic well-being and presence are becoming increasingly important in working life. This in turn enables us to make better decisions.