Jaakko Porokuokka

Specialist, Sitra


Jaakko Porokuokka serves as a facilitator and trainer in the Sitra Lab training programme for changemakers. His task involves helping experts whose job is to tackle wicked problems to find a shared language and suitable ways of working.


It is a good idea to contact Jaakko when cooperation between experts in different fields feels difficult and there is need to come up with something new. Participatory methods, co-creation and service design are among Jaakko’s specialities. In addition to facilitation and service design, his professional history includes research in co-creation and service robotics, adult education and development tasks in the security sector.

Interest in technology and arts is reflected in Jaakko’s work approach. Jaakko can usually find solutions to technical challenges at the latest by using bits of code he has created. You can also often find him with a pen in his hand, illustrating speeches or visualising entities to make them easier to understand.

What else?

You are sure to find Jaakko on a climbing wall or on a jogging path at the break of day. His evenings are dedicated to spending time with his children, creating street art projects that may cause some confusion and repairing broken objects. Jaakko believes that board games will remain popular from here to eternity.