There is a pressing need to reduce emissions and halt biodiversity loss. Existing climate and nature solutions should be used better. We are analysing actions that can help cut emissions at a fast pace and identifying new solutions that are ready to be tested.


What is it about?

There is an urgent need to mitigate climate change and reduce emissions, in Finland and all over the world, but we lack a sense of urgency in addressing the climate crisis. What is more, fast-paced daily politics is often ill-equipped to tackle wicked problems such as climate change.

We desperately need a better awareness of the crisis at hand and must deploy proven solutions faster and on a larger scale. In the Green to Scale project, we have examined existing climate solutions, trying to answer one simple question: how can we reduce emissions more by simply scaling up low-carbon solutions that have already proven to be efficient?

Green to Scale has inspired us to continue to identify and promote efficient climate solutions. In the Climate solutions focus area we will identify and analyse new and innovative solutions and actions that span the whole of society, actions that can speed up the inevitable transition towards a carbon-neutral circular economy.

What do we do?

We are collecting information on climate solutions that can cut emissions rapidly and cost-effectively. We produce high-quality studies and analyses showcasing measures that are the most efficient at tackling climate change, seeking inspiration from both Finland and abroad.

We are also identifying new solutions that are ripe for being tested. In Finland, solutions for reducing emissions exist, but we are behind the other Nordic countries in terms of offering those solutions to the international markets. How can we be pioneers in a world where emissions should be reduced at an unprecedented pace? And, in the context of our national economy, how do we reduce emissions most effectively in a way that at the same time generates new business with high added value?

In 2021, we will also be looking at sustainability from the viewpoint of halting biodiversity loss. Stay tuned!

Who is involved?

We are working in close co-operation with reputable research institutes and expert organisations. At Sitra, a multidisciplinary group of experts is focusing on climate solutions and new possibilities. Our goal is to put the main results of the studies into practice across the whole of society, at all levels of government and within the commercial world.

Where are we now?

The project started in 2018 and will run until summer 2022. We have published several analyses that focus on national and international climate policy and will help identify different climate solutions.


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What's this about?