Joel Lindqvist

Project Coordinator, Digital power and democracy


Joel works as a Project Co-ordinator on Sitra’s Democracy and Participation theme’s Digital Power and Democracy project. Among other things, Joel co-ordinates the project, carries out stakeholder work, communicates and produces reports and events.


Joel specialisms include digital power use, the promotion of democracy and the fair data economy. Thanks to his studies, Joel understands the wider social questions and the ecological crises of our time. Contact Joel for project-related practical matters and offers of co-operation.

Previously, Joel was active in the student movement and worked at the Ministry of Education and Culture on international affairs and research duties concerning co-development policies.

What else?

In his leisure time, Joel likes to go everywhere by bike and exercise by doing rock climbing, yoga and disc golf. Good music, everything aesthetic and underground discotheques are also dear to him.

Currently writing his master’s thesis, Joel marvels at the growth dependencies of our societies. The best social media site for finding Joel is Twitter. He has some 60 house plants.