Joonas Leppänen

Senior Lead, New forms of participation


Joonas Leppänen is a Leading Specialist in the New Forms of Participation project, part of the Democracy and Participation theme. The project develops new forms of participation for people to support representative democracy. Joonas focuses especially on developing the forms of participation in the new wellbeing services counties.


Joonas combines a deep theoretical knowledge and practical experience of democracy, its structures and political influencing.

For a long time already, developing and deepening democracy has long been central to everything Joonas does. Examples of this include his doctoral thesis on political philosophy and his experience in day-to-day politics and advocacy.

In his doctoral dissertation A Political Theory of Dissent: Dissent at the Core of Radical Democracy, he studies the role of dissent at the heart of democracy.

What else?

Joonas enjoys playing football and spending time in the archipelago during summer.