Joost de Kluijver

Director, Closing the Loop (CTL)

As the founder and CEO of social enterprise Closing the Loop (CTL), Joost de Kluijver has developed a service that delivers on the growing demand for circular IT. 

His organisation has been buying broken mobile phones from Africa since 2012, enabling their proper recycling. CTL turns the collection of this African e-waste into a One-for-One service for European customers: their new phone is made material-neutral by the collection and recycling of a scrap phone. The company in effect “offsets” the material footprint of a phone – loosely based on the concept of carbon offsetting. This circular service offers CTL’s customers a practical and effective first step towards circular procurement – and a waste-free telecoms industry. 

Joost has also worked for Accenture and the Global Reporting Initiative. 

Per Stoltz is speaking at the following WCEF2019 sessions:

Tuesday 4 June at 14.00-15.30: Circularity in our day-to-day lives

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