Jukka Aaltonen

Senior Lead, Investments


A member of Sitra’s Venture Capital Investment Team, Jukka Aaltonen works in investment funds, particularly in the energy and ICT sectors. He is also actively involved on the boards of directors of some of Sitra’s associated undertakings.


Jukka has long experience in providing funding to technology companies in their early stages, and knows about the challenges they face related to growth, as well as their success stories. His world view has been shaped by his studies in engineering physics at Helsinki University of Technology and by his background in practical product development and industrial automation, honed at the dawn of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things.

What else?

Aaltonen puts food on the table by catching fish from nearby waters and goes cross-country skiing in local woods to hunt elk.

My favourite motto is “Stay hungry. Stay foolish!” as Steve Jobs has said.