Kirsi Hantula

Senior Lead, Digital power and democracy


Kirsi Hantula is a Leading Specialist for the Digital Power and Democracy project, part of Sitra’s more comprehensive Democracy and Participation theme.


Kirsi has two strong professional mainstays: a deep understanding of digital responsibility and ethics, and a practical, research-based understanding of people. Working at Sitra, Kirsi aims to combine both, with a mission to find solutions that strengthen people’s digital autonomy in everyday life.

Kirsi has two Master’s degrees and about 15 years of experience working in the media industry. However, the last couple of years before her Sitra career were spent researching the experiences of users of AI-based consumer systems in terms of participation and agency.

Kirsi enjoys learning new things at work and in her free time and believes that the best new insights are created together with others. Contact Kirsi if you want to brainstorm ideas on engagement, agency or social participation in the context of increasingly digitalised daily life.

What else?

To counterbalance her own digital life, Kirsi often heads out to a rocky island in the outer archipelago with her family during the boating season, where at your cottage you can be totally off the grid. The other inhabitants of the island include a ringed common gull called Sisu-Pekka.