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Lari Rajantie


+358 (294) 618 423


Lari Rajantie works with a variety of topics in the fields of sustainable development, resource wisdom and business development. His desk is a wonderful mishmash of material on topics such as sustainable consumption, resource-wise cities and developing countries.


Contact Lari if you wish to develop new solutions for customers or business that involves solving the global challenges of sustainable development.

Lari’s experience includes capital investing and growth enterprises in industries ranging from IT to locally produced food. He has also been involved in building a model for a resource-wise city and the FISU network of sustainable cities. Lari has a Master’s degree in technology and in business administration and economy.

What else?

Lari has two children and he is an active allotment gardener. He also likes reading, cooking, travelling, intellectual challenges and subtle corny jokes.

Although he strives for rational thinking otherwise, Lari believes that Finland will eventually be playing in elite football tournaments.

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