Lea Konttinen

Senior Lead, Reforming the decision-making process


Lea Konttinen is a Leading Specialist in the Democracy and Participation theme, promoting the systemic development of processes and operations, knowledge-based management and opportunities for the participation of people in societal decision-making.

At Sitra, Lea co-ordinates the Reforming the decision-making process project and other projects that support reforming parliamentary work and legislative processes. The reform work is complemented by studies, process modelling and data analysis, among other things, and projects are carried out in partnership with parliament, the government and bodies such as research institutions. 


Contact Lea about projects that support the reform of parliamentary and legislative processes or about development methods and tools.

Lea has 25 years of experience in the development of organisations and operating processes and facilitating reform work in the private and public sectors. She has a broad educational background, covering natural and social sciences (MA), business (EMBA) and development (MQ).

Lea has previously worked on Sitra’s Updating Democracy, Funding of social welfare and healthcare services, Well-being from nature and Landmarks projects. 

What else? 

In her leisure time, Lea regularly jogs, skis and enjoys other sports. Especially in winter, she enjoys being in the countryside near Vuokatti. In the summer, she spends time at her cottage or explores new places. Learning and trying out new things, both at work and during leisure time, is of particular interest to Lea.