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Leena-Kaisa Piekkari

Specialist, Circular Economy, Sitra

+358 (294) 618 227


Leena-Kaisa Piekkari is a specialist in the Circular Economy focus area. Leena-Kaisa’s job is to work out the most effective political means and steering methods for promoting the circular economy in Finland. Her goals include combining the expertise at the Ministry of the Environment and Sitra and working together to develop traditional regulatory methods to complement the new operating models based on voluntary action.


Leena-Kaisa has about 10 years’ experience in environmental consulting, particularly in the forest and energy industries. In recent years, Leena-Kaisa has developed a special interest in finding ways to incorporate the circular economy more closely into the business operations of companies.

Leena-Kaisa is a graduate of the Turku School of Economics. In addition to her master’s degree in business administration, she has completed a training programme focused on the environmental sector, which gave her the spark to enter that field.

Get in touch with Leena-Kaisa if you want to find out more about Green Deals or discuss how we at Sitra try to influence the way the circular economy is promoted through various steering methods.

What else?

Leena-Kaisa spends her free time with family and friends. Her evenings are spent enjoying culture, sporting events, the sauna, jogging, good food and great conversation. On weekends and during her holidays, she likes to explore new cultures or relax in the countryside.

Leena-Kaisa believes that the next generation of business school students will flock to lectures on the circular economy because it’s the coolest thing ever!