Lotta Toivonen

Specialist, Nature and daily life


Lotta Toivonen is a specialist in sustainable living and transport at Sitra. She wants to develop and enhance every Finn’s ability, willingness and opportunities to make sustainable and permanent everyday consumer choices.


It is worth contacting Lotta if you have development ideas for resource-wise living or transport on your mind or would like to know more about experimentation and other things that are happening in these fields at Sitra.

Lotta has more than ten years’ experience in environmental matters learned from working at companies of various sizes. Her experience includes property environmental matters and related services, companies’ environmental programmes and environmental building certificates. She also has experience in the promotion of environmental awareness. Lotta has a Master of Science degree in Agriculture and Forestry from the University of Helsinki.

What else?

Lotta likes to spend her free time with her family and friends. Sport, especially basketball, is close to her heart. Music, nature and spending time at the family’s summer house are also important to her.

Lotta believes that all positive experiences bring permanent changes and the key to resource wisdom is to provide sustainable alternatives and encourage people to try them.