Mari Walls

President and CEO, Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke)

Mari Walls has years of experience with environment and sustainability ISSUES.

She is currently President and CEO of the Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke). The task of the research organisation is to promote sustainable use of renewable natural resources, development of competitive business activities in the field of bioeconomy, societal well-being, and the vitality of rural areas. Previously DR. Walls has worked as Director of Marine Research Centre in the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE), Research Director and Programme Director of MTT Agrifood Research Finland, Professor of Biodiversity and Environmental Sciences at the University of Turku, Programme Director at the University of Turku and the Academy of Finland, and Head of Research in Maj and Tor Nessling Foundation. She is also Docent in ecology and a member and chairman of several boards.

Mari Walls is speaking at the following WCEF2017 sessions:

Tue 6 June at 11.00 : Forest-Based Bioeconomy and Climate Change Mitigation

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