Marika Tammeaid



Marika Tammeaid plans and implements the focus area of Public-sector leadership. She concentrates especially on ways of transforming the challenges of societal renewal into high-quality training that provides new insights. She aims to instil a culture of participatory collaboration in public administration.


Marika has 18 years’ leadership experience in public administration and ten years’ experience as a solution-oriented trainer and developer. She has worked in the quality assessment of public-sector management and in international roles for a long time.

Marika has a master’s degree in political and social sciences and is a solution-focused coach and supervisor.

Marika wants to promote future-oriented and enabling administration, and appreciative and inspiring leadership that reconciles different views.

What else?

In addition to the future, Marika is also interested in history and living for the now. She can often be spotted with camera in hand, recording little and delightful everyday things. To Marika, quality everyday life means at least family life, travelling across the world, summer cottage living, literature and friends.

Marika’s motto: what you focus your attention on will grow and become stronger.

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