Mariko Landström

Senior Lead, Nature and the economy


Mariko Landström is a specialist in climate solutions. Her work involves co-ordinating and producing different studies on solutions that cut emissions and on the means to those solutions. Mariko spends her time thinking about how societal systems function and how these could be optimised to produce more well-being for everyone, including future generations.


Mariko holds a Master of Science degree in Systems Analysis from the Aalto School of Science. She explored the economy and climate policy in her minor studies at the Technische Universität Berlin and in her final thesis work carried out at MCC Berlin.

Before her employment at Sitra, Mariko was a consultant in business management, particularly with regard to strategy projects and the management of major projects with a focus on the energy sector and its infrastructure.

What else?

In her spare time, Mariko meets friends for exercise and good food. Her recreational activities also include familiarisation with the academic world concerned with climate policy through promoting an article based on her master’s thesis. Travel is also close to Mariko’s heart and she tries to spend her air miles as efficiently as possible to jet off on long backpacking trips.

Mariko believes that in 2030 energy production using combustion technology will be rather outdated.

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