Marja Illi

Senior Lead, Fair data economy


Marja Illi works with many topics in the Capacity for renewal theme. She is a project management professional and a long-standing employee at Sitra. Her to-do list is filled with tasks related to well-being data and the Renovation of democracy project.


Marja is familiar with Sitra’s subject areas related to healthcare and reforming the public sector. She has experience in Sitra’s Healthcare and Municipal programmes and in the Health Kiosk and Get me! projects, among others.

Marja’s education includes a Master’s degree in business administration and economics and a qualification in export marketing, and she has experience in duties in the public and private sectors.

What else?

Marja has been commuting from Turku to Helsinki for years. In her free time, Marja has a four-legged personal trainer to keep her and her pedometer moving every day. In winter, she likes to watch floorball and go to the theatre, while during the longer days Marja indulges her enthusiasm for the summer house.