Martine Rohn-Brossard

Deputy Head of International Affairs Division, Federal Office for the Environment

Martine Rohn-Brossard approaches the environment from a federal point of view.

Currently Deputy Head of International Affairs Division of the Federal Office for the Environment, she is in charge of trade and environment (free trade agreements, WTO), EU environmental issues, bilateral relations, development and environment, green economy international, OECD and UNECE. Previously, she has been Deputy Head of Section Europe, Trade and Development responsible for international environmental processes and conventions, namely in the framework of the UNECE, OECD and Environment for Europe process, as well as doing Environment Performance Reviews. She has also been vice-chair of the Environmental Committee of OECD and the Committee of Environmental policies of UNECE.

Martine Rohn-Brossard is speaking at the following WCEF2017 sessions:

Mon 5 June at 14.15 : Collective Impact for Sustainable Consumption and a Circular Economy

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