Matthias De Bièvre

Founder, CEO , Visions

Matthias De Bièvre serves as the Founder and CEO of Visions, Europe’s leading provider of personal data intermediation services. Concurrently, he holds the position of President at Prometheus-X, a pivotal player in data space development dedicated to creating and implementing infrastructure for decentralized data sharing. Widely recognized across the EU, Matthias is regarded as the foremost expert in personal data spaces and is recognized as the individual capable of realizing large-scale implementation of human-centric data sharing.

Visions is the leading personal data intermediary, providing innovative solutions for data spaces, entirely based on open-source components and approved by Prometheus-X and GAIA-X. Our primary technology is VisionsTrust, which enables the creation and management of data ecosystems. Our expertise as a personal data intermediary allows us to provide secure access to data and services, with a strong focus on privacy protection and regulatory compliance.

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