Meeri Toivanen

Specialist, Fair data economy, Sitra


Meeri is a lawyer with extensive knowledge of sustainable development and EU politics. She works as a project co-ordinator in Sitra’s Health Data 2030 project and the EU Joint Action Towards the European Health Data Space (TEHDAS).


Meeri specialises in trade and competition policy, with which she got to grips during her LL.M. studies at LSE (the London School of Economics and Political Science). The complexities of multinational policy are well known to her from her work for the EU in Brussels and Geneva. In addition, her career has taken her to eight other countries in Europe and South America.

Meeri accumulated experience in international stakeholder work during her three-year career with the international lawyer network ELSA, where she, as Vice President, was responsible for sponsorship negotiations, the stakeholder strategy for 44 countries, co-ordination of the project portfolio and revision of impact objectives.

What else?

According to Meeri, future-oriented thinking needs to be supported by extensive knowledge of history and the ability to see outside one’s own bubble. In her leisure time, Meeri can be found studying foreign languages and listening to very diverse podcasts while jogging or crafting.