Merja Seppänen

Assistant, Investments, Sitra
Kuva: Miikka Pirinen
Kuva: Miikka Pirinen


Merja Seppänen is an assistant in Sitra’s Venture Capital Investment Team. She makes sure that practical matters, agreement processes and meetings run smoothly. She supports the specialist in charge of investment and fund projects and acts as a link to target businesses and funds, as well as Sitra’s legal team.

Merja also acts as the collective memory of her team and ensures that everything gets done in time.


Merja has decades of experience in the financial sector. Before joining Sitra in 2000, her career in the 1980s and 90s took her to jobs in a number of banks. She has a vocational upper secondary qualification in business and administration.

Merja is the person to contact if you would like to know about Sitra’s target businesses or venture capital fund investments. She will also know where you can find her colleagues.

What else?

In her spare time, Merja enjoys watching great films and spending time at home with her cat. She is planning to go back to exercising, which has taken more of a back seat during the years spent juggling her life and career. She is an enthusiastic fan of the Beatles and music in general is close to her heart; Merja is also the singer in Sitra’s in-house band