Milma Arola

Senior Lead


Milma Arola is an expert on working-life reforms, organisational development and communal learning. Milma works within the Lifelong learning focus area, where the aim is to create a Finland characterised by lifelong learning. Working careers are transforming into learning careers, and work and learning are becoming more and more intertwined. Milma is particularly interested in lifelong learning in a working-life context.


Milma is the right person if you want to discuss the future of working life, organisational reforms, co-operation across administrative and social borders and learning in working life.

Milma has worked in the development of working life and adult learners in both the private and the public sectors. Network projects, facilitation of group processes, experimental development and experience-based methods are close to her heart. In terms of education, Milma is a sociologist and a teacher.

Milma finds a humane approach the most fruitful approach, even to big societal issues. Milma loves being able to think big and try new things.

What else?

Learning new things is in Milma’s opinion one of the best things in life, and this is best achieved through life itself and encounters with people. The best things in Milma’s life are her family and loved ones, with whom she enjoys close relationships. Milma is a fan of creative expression – expressed through writing Twitter stories (#twitternovelli), improvisation and different forms of dance.

Milma believes that self-knowledge will be an important working-life skill, and that the experimental and communal nature of learning will become increasingly important.