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Minna Hemmilä

Project coordinator, Sitra


Minna Hemmilä is a trainee in Sitra’s communications team. She spends her day assisting with various communications tasks and is involved in the planning and implementation of digital communications content.


Minna has always had a tendency to question things happening around her. She puts her insatiable thirst for knowledge to good use by striving to build a more sustainable future. Minna has the ability to see the big picture and considers herself a digital native.

She has accumulated a wealth of knowledge by sitting in sociology, social policy, communications, journalism and responsible business lectures, but considers her discussions with various people and her eagerness to try new things equally important as learning methods.

While studying at the University of Tampere, Minna was actively involved in the work of student organisations, performing communications tasks both as a paid employee and on a voluntary basis. She has completed studies at the University of Tampere and at the University of Bremen in Germany. Short of her thesis, she has completed a master’s degree in Social Sciences.

What else?

In her free time Minna loves to play floorball and enjoys culture in its various forms. She finds theatre one of the most powerful forms of artistic expression. Wild horses couldn’t drag her onto stage, but she loves to sit in the audience.

Despite the increasing role of technology in communication, Minna believes that technology can never replace the experience of real interpersonal contact and interaction.

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