Mira Nupponen

Specialist, Communication and Public Affairs, Sitra
Sitra. Kuva: Miikka Pirinen / SITRA
Sitra. Kuva: Miikka Pirinen / SITRA


Mira is responsible for the strategic communications planning and implementation of Sitra’s IHAN – Fair data economy project. Mira is a passionate strategic communicator with plenty of experience in technology and corporate communications. Mira works best in a community of lively professionals where human values meet true passion for creating a better future.



Mira believes that effective communications can profoundly influence societal transformation. In her daily work Mira strives to motivate individuals, companies and political decision-makers to demand, build and enable more human-driven digital services.


What else?

During her free time Mira focuses on living in the moment and enjoying the small everyday joys with her family and friends. Exercise and nature help Mira to better manage the hectic aspects of daily life. On the other hand, as a spontaneous idealist, she misses regular unplanned excursions, be they solo trips to the other side of the world, weekend getaways with friends or Sunday trips to see the relatives.

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