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Nani Pajunen

Leading Specialist, Circular Economy, Sitra

+358 (294) 618 297


Nani Pajunen is a leading specialist in the Circular economy focus area. Nani’s goal is to promote solutions which implement the sustainable use of natural resources, the efficient circulation of materials and a long product life cycle.


Nani has been a specialist in industry, worked as a consultant and has led research and development projects involving co-operation between companies and universities.

She holds a master’s degree in civil engineering and a licentiate of technology in environmental law, and wrote her dissertation on the circular economy from the perspective of the processing industry. She is also a qualified vocational teacher.

Contact Nani about education and research matters or if you want to discuss the sustainable use of natural resources and material circulation, and how to turn these into profitable business.

What else?

Nani likes all kinds of sports as long as she can do them with someone else and preferably outdoors, and is equally happy with a football, skis, swimming goggles or a bicycle. She also enjoys playing the saxophone.

Nani is certain that we will build the future together with a positive attitude and will save the world by making saving the world a profitable business.

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