Nani Pajunen

Senior Lead, Sustainability solutions


Nani Pajunen is a leading specialist in the Sustainability solutions theme. In her work, Nani looks for solutions to how the world economy could work within the limits of the earth’s capacity – how and by what means a balance can be found between the use of natural resources and the well-being of the earth.


Nani has worked in industry, as a consultant and she has run research and development projects involving co-operation between companies and universities.

She also has a few degrees. She holds a master of science degree in civil engineering and a licentiate of science in technology in the field of environmental law.  Nani’s doctoral dissertation deals with the transition of industry towards a circular economy, with a focus on new business opportunities and the points of view of investors and owners. She is also a qualified vocational teacher.

Contact Nani if you would like to discuss systemic change in society, the transition of industry into a circular economy, circular economy solutions in construction, the changes taking place in the economy, and education and research matters.

What else?

Nani likes all kinds of sports as long as she can do them with someone else and preferably outdoors. She’s equally happy with a football, skis, swimming goggles, a saxophone, a piano or a bicycle.

Nani is convinced that we will save the world together by making saving the world a profitable business. She also believes that we will make the future together with a positive attitude and that we all have the right to be involved in making a future based on a carbon-neutral circular economy!